Managing District Brand

This article provides details on the items that can be edited on the district's Brand page by the district's Brand Manager.

  • Logo
  • Banner Image
  • District Name
  • Tagline
  • Assigning Brand Managers
  • Additional Information for the National Network

Update: You can now drag and drop images to add your logo and banner, and you can remove these images without adding replacements.

Video Clip:

This clip from the District Management Permissions video demonstrates how Brand Managers can manage the district's Brand. The clip runs from 1:37-2:02, at which time it begins to demonstrate the district News. Note, additional new features not shown in the video are detailed below.



Written Explanation with Visuals:


The district's logo appears on the district's Dashboard, shown above. This logo can be added and updated on the Brand page. We recommend using a square logo with transparent background for best results. Accepted file types include JPEGs, PNGs, and GIFs.


Banner Image

The district's Dashboard includes a default banner image as a background, shown above. This banner image can be customized on the Brand page. We recommend using a wide image - note that the image will not be fully visible on smaller screen sizes. Accepted file types include JPEGs, PNGs, and GIFs.


District Name

The district's name appears on the Dashboard as shown above, and in a range of places throughout the platform including the News Feed and the National Network section of the SI Pages. If you'd like to edit the district's name, you can do so on the Brand page.



The district's tagline appears just below the name on the Dashboard. If your district has a tagline or special branded name for Digital Convergence, it can be added on the Brand page. Note, the tagline has a ten word limit.  


Assigning Brand Managers

Brand Managers can be assigned at district setup, and they can be added at any time. Existing Brand Mangers have access to the Assign Managers button shown above, which opens a popup to allow them to select more Brand Managers. Users Managers can also assign the Brand Manager permission to any user on the district's User Management Page.

Update: The user assigning the Brand Manager can choose whether or not to send an email notification to the assigned/unassigned user(s). The user(s) will receive an in-platform notification either way.


Additional Information for the National Network 


Additional items are now available on the Brand page. Brand managers can now add the following: Superintendent (must be a user in the district), point of contact (can be a user in the district or an alternate email address), date joined the Modern Teacher National Network, number of elementary and secondary schools, approximate number of teachers and students, and percentage of students on free or reduced lunch. This information will appear in the National Network component of the platform.

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