SI Discussions

This article provides information on the Discussion section found within the SI Page.

Note: Only users with access to the DCF can view and be assigned to work on Success Indicators. 

Video Clip:

This clip from the Success Indicators Overview shows the SI Discussions section from 2:20-2:45 before moving on to demonstrate the National Network.




Written Explanation:

Toward the bottom of each SI Page, you'll see a Discussion area, similar to the Discussions section of your Dashboard. This area serves as an open discussion zone for users to ask questions and comment on the work being done on the SI across the district or across the nation.

You can "like" and comment on each of these discussions, and view the likes and the first three comments just below the post. Click the comment icon to view all comments or add your own. 

All users can click to "Start Discussion", which will open the popup shown below. There, you will have the option to ask the question to All Districts or only to My District. 


The person starting the discussion can choose whether or not to send a notification email to DCF Managers and members of the SI Team (Driver Owner, SI Owner, Task Owners, and SI Participants in that SI). This option is checked by default, but can be unchecked to start the discussion with no notification. Users with access to the discussion will still receive an in-platform notification. 

Once a discussion has been started, users can "like" and comment on it, just like in the News Feed. Users can subscribe to receive notifications when new comments are added. Any user with access to the Discussion can manually subscribe to or unsubscribe from receiving notifications by manually checking the subscription box at the bottom of the Start Discussion popup, shown above, or the Comments popup, shown below.


You can edit or delete your own discussion comments using the pencil and trash icons at the upper right corner of your comments, and you can direct-reply to another user's comment by clicking the reply icon at the upper-right of their comment. See above image for icon placement. Replying directly to a user's comment will send them a notification email.

Note, if no there is no content in the News Feed and no Discussions have been asked yet for an SI, the "Ask Question" button will change, as shown below. Asking the first Discussion question will expand the Discussion area to other users viewing the SI Page.

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