Managing PL Navigation

This article provides details on how to manage the district's PL Navigation settings, a permission available only to district-level PL Managers. On this page, PL Managers have the option to hide navigation to the following PL pages for all users in their district.

  • District PL Goals
  • Modern Teacher PL
  • My District PL
  • PL Builder 

By default, pages are available based on user permissions and district actions as explained below. To hide these pages from all district users, uncheck the boxes next to each option.The navigation dropdown will appear only if more than one navigation option is available to the logged in user. Note, you cannot hide all page options - at least one page must remain visible to all district users. Also note some options cannot be hidden until the page has first become available to the district. 



Written Explanation:

District PL Goals

District PL Goals are set in SI 31. When the goals are aligned to modules, users in SI 31 have the option of publishing the District PL Goals page, making it visible to all users in the district. On this page, district users can see the goals and work on the aligned modules. Hiding this page will prevent district users from seeing the PL Goals and aligned modules. Note, you only have the option of hiding this page after it has been published in SI 31.

Modern Teacher PL

The Modern Teacher PL Page is the default page available if the district has not yet published its PL Goals in SI 31. The MT PL page lists all available Modern Teacher modules. Hiding this page will prevent users from accessing the Modern Teacher modules unless they are linked to district PL Goals in SI 31, in which case the modules will be accessible on the District PL Goals page.

My District PL

The My District PL page is only visible if the district has created and published a module in the PL Builder. Additionally, it is only visible to members or managers of the cohort, school, or district to which the module has been assigned, so it is already hidden by default in most cases. However, choosing to hide the page here will make all district-created modules inaccessible unless they are linked to a Goal in SI 31. In this case, the modules will only be accessible on the District PL Goals page. Note, you only have the option of hiding this page after at least one district module has been published.

PL Builder

The PL Builder allows the district to create and publish its own professional learning modules. By default, it is only visible to district-level PL Managers and to users who have been invited to collaborate on a module. Hiding the PL Builder here will hide this page even to PL Managers and invited collaborators until the district is ready to begin its own PL module creation.


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