5 Tips for Solving Sound Issues

Recent updates to some internet browsers, including Chrome, have impacted how some users are experiencing the sound in some Professional Learning tiles. We're here to help get these issues resolved!

If you experience an issue with the sound, try the five steps below to ensure your experience with the Modern Teacher platform is as smooth as possible. 


1. Hit "Pause" and then "Play"

All elearning tiles have a pause button at the far left of the timeline at the bottom of the screen. Simply hitting Pause and then hitting it again to Play may be enough to trigger to the browser that you would like to hear the sound. You could also rewind the timeline slightly and hit Play. 


2. Change Internet Browsers

Browser settings can get complicated and can affect a range of your online functionality. Often times, making sure your browser software is up to date can be a solution, but if you don't have time for an update or to dig into browser settings, it can be simplest to switch browsers and see if that solves your tech issue. If you're working in Safari or IE, try Google Chrome or Firefox, or vice versa. If your issue is consistent across multiple browsers, you should continue with the steps below. 


3. Change Chrome Autoplay Setting

If you're using the Chrome browser, visit chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy (copy and paste into your address bar) and change the setting from "Default" to "No user gesture is required." Note this change will apply to other sites you visit on your browser, so video ads may auto-play without you clicking on them. 


4. Change Chrome Sound Setting

If you're using the Chrome browser, visit chrome://settings/content/sound?search=sound (copy and paste into your address bar) and add https://cloud.scorm.com to the "Allow" list. 


5. Have IT Admin Change Chrome Setting

If you're on a shared WiFi network, your network administrator may be able to make changes to Chrome's setup for easier access to sound, as noted in this article.


If the above suggestions do not resolve your issue, you can always open a support ticket to communicate directly with the Modern Teacher team.

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