SI 31 & District PL Goals

This article details how to create your district's custom PL Goals using Success Indicator 31, including the following information: 

  • Related SIs in the PL Driver
  • Creating 4 PL Goals
  • Aligning Modules to each Goal
  • Publishing the District PL Goals Page
  • Adding a Custom Image to the District PL Goals Page
  • Notifications on District PL Goals

Note: Only users with access to the DCF can view and be assigned to work on Success Indicators.



Update: A progress bar and status icon has been added to indicate the logged in user's progress on each goal. See Image 1C below. 


Written Explanation with Visuals:

Related SIs in the PL Driver


Throughout the Digital Convergence Framework, you can view Related SIs to explore the relationship between varying Success Indicators. In the Professional Learning Driver, many of the related SIs progress through the Stages and reference the "district's PL Goals". These goals are set in SI 31 in Stage 2 and carry though the remaining Stages of the PL Driver, as shown above.


Creating 4 PL Goals


In SI 31, a special area is available below the Description and Resources with space to add in the district's custom Professional Learning Goals. The following permissions types have the ability to add and edit these goals: DCF Managers, the PL Driver Owner, and the SI 31 Owner. These users can click the pencil edit icon to open a popup where they can add a description of the district's goals. There is a 500 character limit, but if you'd like to add more details on your district's goals, you can upload a document with additional information to the Resources or Work Product sections of the SI. Note, these goals should be closely aligned with the district's work on the Instructional Model and should aim to support teachers as they implement the district's Digital Convergence efforts.


Aligning Modules to Each Goal


Once your district has defined its four goals, your next step is to identify which Professional Learning Modules support each goal. The same users who can add and edit the goals have the permissions to align the goals modules: DCF Managers, the PL Driver Owner, and the SI 31 Owner. Both Modern Teacher modules and district-created modules can be aligned to each goal. For more on district-created modules, see our resources on the PL Builder.


Publishing the PL Goals Page


Image 1A Above: Publish Goals Page Option in SI 31


Image 1B Above: Navigation to Published District PL Goals Page


Image 1C Above: Published District PL Goals Page with Custom Image

After creating your district goals and aligning modules to support teachers in achieving each one, the final step is to publish your District PL Goals Page. This Publish option is shown in Image 1A above and becomes available only after at least one module has been aligned to one of your district goals. (If the page has already been published, an option to Re-Publish will become available whenever changes are made to the goals in SI 31.) Publishing will add a new option in the dropdown navigation below Professional Learning for users in your district, shown in Image 1B above. Clicking this option will take your district users to the new District PL Goals Page, Image 1C, which displays the text of each goal.

Clicking the goal expands an area below with access to the aligned modules for that goal. Users can complete these modules here, or in the Modern Teacher PL and/or District PL pages. Work on the same module between these locations will sync. PL Managers can also access the Coaching View from this page as well as the Modern Teacher PL and District PL pages. Note: District-created modules will only be visible on the District PL Goals Page to users who have been assigned those modules.

Your progress on each goal is indicated with a status icon and progress bar. The example in Image 2B above shows that the user has completed all modules for Goal 1. On Goal 2, they are Complete on the first module, In Progress on the second, and Not Started on the third, so their overall status on Goal 2 is In Progress. When using the Coaching View, the status icon and progress bar will update to that of the selected user instead of showing your individual progress on each goal.


Notifications on District PL Goals

The following users will receive in-platform notifications when changes are made to the goals in SI 31: DCF Managers, the PL Driver Owner, the SI 31 Owner, SI 31 Task Owner, and SI 31 Participants. For more information on these types of users, see the article on DCF Permissions. They will receive notifications for the following actions:

  • The text of one of the goals was edited.
  • A module was added to or removed from one of the goals.
  • The goals were published or re-published to the District PL Goals page.

All district users will also receive in-platform notifications when the District PL Goals page is first published. Following the initial publication, if a user publishes an update, they have the option to send an email notification with the checkbox shown below. Users will receive an in-platform notification about the update whether or not the email option is checked.



Adding a Custom Image to the District PL Goals Page


When the District PL Goals page has been published, some users will have the option to add an image of the district's Instructional Model at the top of this page, as shown above. Users with the permissions to do this include the following: DCF Managers, PL Managers, the PL Driver Owner, and the SI 31 Owner. The addition of this visual is meant to reinforce the alignment between the Instructional Model and the 4 PL Goals. Once the image has been added, district users will see it at the top of the page as shown in Image 1C in the above section. Prior to this image being added, regular district users will see only the expandable 4 Goals at the top of the District PL Goals page. 

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