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In many districts, administrators working in one department have little visibility into what is happening in other departments. This is one issue that Digital Convergence aims to solve. Rather than accept people working in silos, Digital Convergence promotes people working together, across departments and even across the nation!

The Related SIs view is one tool on the Digital Convergence Framework that supports this kind of visibility and collaboration. By highlighting SIs that are related to one another, you can see which SIs may benefit from collaboration, what Driver and Stage they're in, and who has been assigned as the Owner of each one. This article explains the following items:

  • Accessing the Related SIs View
  • Exploring & Exiting the Related SIs View
  • Finding Related SIs on the SI Page

Note: Only users with access to the DCF can visit the page and view the Related SIs, and this feature is only available in the Grid View of the DCF. 

Video Clip:

The clip below from the Digital Convergence Framework Overview demonstrates Goal Cycles from 0:42-1:00 before moving on to demonstrate Goal Cycles.



Written Explanation with Visuals:

Accessing the Related SIs View

Some SI Tiles on the Digital Convergence Framework have a small icon in the bottom-right corner, next to their status icon, as shown on SI 18 and 19 above. Clicking this icon will give you access to the Related SI View. The image below shows the Related SI View you would see by clicking the icon on SI 18.


Exploring & Exiting the Related SIs View

While in the Related SI view, a greenish bar at the top of the DCF will remind you which SI you clicked on to access the view. All cells containing an SI related to the one you clicked will be highlighted. You can click on these cells to view the SI Tiles they contain, as usual, and you'll see exactly which SIs are related to the one you selected. When ready, you can click the Done button in the bar at the top to return to the normal view of the DCF. Note, the Professional Learning Driver has a significant amount of related SIs due to the work on District PL Goals in SI 31


Finding Related SIs on the SI Page

Related SIs are also listed at the bottom of the SI Page, below the Collaboration and National Network sections. Note that only some SIs have Related SIs to include in this space.

PDF Version Listing the Related SIs:

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