Subscription to PL Builder Notifications

In addition to the notifications users can customize with their Notification Preferences, users can also subscribe to receive notifications on actions in the PL Builder. Users with access to the PL Builder can use these notifications to monitor when changes are made to the Professional Learning modules they are working on building. 


List of Notifications

Users have the option to subscribe to receive both in-platform and e-mail notifications when any of the following actions occur on their selected module:

  • Another user has been invited or removed as collaborator on this module.
  • A new tile has been added.
  • The title of a tile has been edited.
  • The description of a tile has been edited.
  • The Requires Review setting of a tile has been changed.
  • The tile image of a tile has been changed.
  • The resources in a tile have been edited.
  • The quiz questions in a tile have been edited.
  • A tile has been deleted.
  • A deleted tile has been restored.
  • A tile has been reverted to its most recently published version.
  • A tile has been copied.
  • Tiles have been rearranged.
  • A Fluency section has been added to the module.
  • The module has been published for the first time.
  • Changes to the module have been published.
  • The assignment of the module has been changed.
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