Notifications Overview

This article provides an overview of the different Notification Preferences pages you have access to based on your District Management PermissionsDigital Convergence Framework Permissions, and Professional Learning Permissions:

  • General Notifications
  • Success Indicator Notifications
  • School and Cohort Notifications
  • Subscription-Based Notifications
  • Choose-to-Sent Notifications
  • PL Builder Notifications




Above: Notifications Flag and Dropdown

Above: Navigation to Notification Preference Pages


Written Explanation with Visuals:

All notifications appear in the platform, but you will only receive notifications via email based on the preferences you create on these pages. Some items are checked by default to send a notification email - these defaults are shown in the images below, but all items are editable, so you can identify the exact set of notification emails that works for you. 

General Notifications


All users have access at least to the Professional Learning General notifications. Users with access to the Digital Convergence Framework will also have a few Digital Convergence notification options on this page. By default, only a few of them send emails. More details are available here.



Success Indicator Notifications


You have access to this tab and these notifications if you have the been assigned the DCF Permissions of DCF Manager, Driver Owner, SI Owner, Task Owner, and/or SI Participant. You will only see the area(s) and column(s) for the permission(s) you have been assigned. More details are available here.


School and Cohort Notifications


District-level PL Managers as well as School and Cohort Managers receive these notifications in the Notifications Dropdown Menu. See the resources on Professional Learning Permissions. More details are on these notifications are available here.


Subscription-Based Notifications


You can use Subscription-Based Notifications to be updated when comments are added to discussions or pages you're interested in.


Choose-to-Send Notifications


If another user completes an action they want to alert you about, you may receive one of the Choose-to-Send Notifications.


PL Builder Notifications

You can also subscribe to receive PL Builder notifications if you have access to the PL Builder.

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