My Success Indicators

This article provides information on the following components of the My Success Indicators section of the Dashboard, just to the right of the News Feed

  • SI Title & Status
  • SI Team
  • Tasks
  • Filters

Video Clip:

The clip below from the Dashboard Overview demonstrates the News Feed from 4:20 through the end of the video. 




Written Explanation with Visuals:

SI Title & Status



The SIs you see in this section of your Dashboard are the ones that are assigned to you, meaning you've been assigned as the Driver Owner, SI Owner, Task Owner, or SI Participant. For any SI in which you have these permissions, you'll see the title and Status of the SI in your My Success Indicators section as shown in the image above. Clicking the title will take you to the detailed SI Page, where you can edit the Status, Due Date, Tasks, etc.


SI Team

The profile pictures visible below the SI Title & Status are those of the SI Team. This team includes any user in your district who has been assigned permissions to work on the given SI, including the Driver Owner, SI Owner, Task Owner(s), and SI Participant(s). Clicking on these users' profile pictures will take you to their profile. Note that as a member of the SI Team, you can add new users to the team by assigning them as Task Owners or SI Participants.



Below the SI Team, you'll see a preview of the SI's Tasks with their current status. Tasks can be accessed and managed in more detail on the SI Page




Lastly, the My Success Indicators section can be filtered by Status, or by SIs only in the current Goal Cycle. These filters can be combined to provide a detailed breakdown of your SIs.  



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