Dashboard Overview

This article provides an overview of the primary features of the Dashboard:

  • The Banner
  • Goal Cycle Stats
  • PL Micro-Certifications
  • PL Comparison Stats
  • News Feed
  • Discussions
  • My Success Indicators


Update: The visualization of the Goal Cycle at the top of the Dashboard has been updated to provide more information on the specific SIs and SI Owners.


Update: The visualization of the Goal Cycle Stats at the top of the Dashboard has been updated to provide more information on the specific SIs and SI Owners.

Written Explanation:


The top of the Dashboard is customizable for each district and includes the items listed below. These items can be edited by users with the appropriate permissions - the Brand Manager can update the district' name, logo, banner image, and tagline on the Brand page, and the News Manager can update the district's news post on the News page.

    • Overall District Stage in the Digital Convergence Framework (visible to users with DCF access)
    • District Name, Logo, and Tagline
    • District Banner Image in the background
    • District News Post at the bottom of the banner

Goal Cycle Stats

A stats display to monitor the district's progress on the current Goal Cycle appears in the middle of the Dashboard only to users with DCF access. Goal Cycles are private and unique to each district. Users with DCF access can use this visual to quickly scan how many SIs are in the goal cycle, how many are not started, in progress, ready for review, or complete, and who has been assigned as the SI Owner for each SI. Hovering over an SI provides a card with the SI title, the Stage and Driver the SI is in, the SI Owner's name, and a hyperlink to the more detailed SI Page.


This section displays your current status on all available Professional Learning Modules. The badges display your Literacy status on the left, and Fluency status on the right. You can choose to hide or collapse this section of your Dashboard if you prefer for your Micro-Certifications to appear only on your Professional Learning Framework page.

Comparison Stats

This section allows you to compare your personal Professional Learning progress to the average at your District. If you're associated with a school or cohort, you can compare those averages as well. You can use the filters to select specific Modules at the Literacy or Fluency levels, and managers can see individual user results here as well. Note that some users are excluded from counting toward the district, school, or cohort totals. For more information, see this additional article.

News Feed

The News Feed appears at the bottom left of the Dashboard and includes information on how districts across the nation are progressing on Digital Convergence and Professional Learning. Posts in the News Feed can be liked, commented on, and filtered to show only posts from your district, posts about PL vs. DCF for users with access to both, and/or only posts including files or attachments. Additionally, you now have the option of manually adding a post. You can access the profile of users in the News Feed by clicking their name or profile picture. If they are un-clickable, the user or district has chosen to keep profiles private.


The Discussion section appears to the right of the News Feed. Any user can start a Discussion, and just like posts in the News Feed, Discussions can be liked and commented on. You can choose to share your Discussion with All Districts, Your District, or any specific School or Cohort in your district with which you are associated.

My Success Indicators

The My Success Indicators section appears at the bottom right of the Dashboard for some users with access to the DCF. This section includes any Success Indicators (SIs) that you have been assigned to work on, with information on the SI Status, the other district members working on the SI, and the SI's Tasks. In this section, Success Indicators can be filtered by Status and by All SIs vs. only SIs in your district's current Goal Cycle. Clicking the title of any SI takes you to the more detailed SI Page.

Note about Cross-District Users:

While most users land directly on their district's Dashboard when they log in, some users have access to multiple districts, like districts organized by an ESA or ESC. These Cross-District Users land on a Cross-District View when they log in, and from there they can navigate to the Dashboard for each district in their group. 

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