General Notifications

All users receive the Professional Learning notifications shown below in the Notifications Dropdown Menu, and users with access to the Digital Convergence Framework also receive the notifications listed under Digital Convergence. On this General Notification Preferences tab, you can select which Notifications you would also like to receive via email.


The Notifications that are checked to send emails by default are shown in the screenshot above. These notifications are as follows:

Professional Learning

All users by default receive the following two notifications related to their progress on professional learning:

  • One of your PL Pages has been commented on by a PL Manager: This sends an email so you know to take a look at the comment, which may contain feedback on your work on a PL Module. To see who has the ability to view and comment on your PL Pages, see the resources on Professional Learning Permissions.
  • You received a Fluency Micro-Certification: This usually occurs when a Coach has reviewed and marked one of your last Fluency Tiles as Complete.

Digital Convergence

By default, users with access to the DCF do not receive any email notifications related to the DCF Goal Cycles, etc. However, if you are assigned as a DCF Manager or Driver Owner, you will receive the following two emails by default:

  • A new Goal Cycle has been created: This notification alerts you to your new district goals. It is recommended to log in and check the new goals.
  • The current Goal Cycle Target Date is approaching or has passed: This notification will send when the date is one month away, one week away, today, or has passed.

If you do not wish to receive email notifications for these items, simply un-check the box. Or, if you would like to receive emails for any of the other items, simply check the box. Regardless of email preference, you will receive all of these notifications in the platform.

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