Managing District Schools and Cohorts

This article provides details on the actions that can be performed on the district's Schools and Cohorts pages by the district's Users Manager and PL Managers. Because the functionality of these two pages are the same, this article will use screenshots and examples only from the Schools page.

  • Add or Import Schools or Cohorts
  • Search for a School or Cohort
  • Edit Existing School or Cohort Names
  • Assign Managers and Members to a School or Cohort
  • Import Users to a School or Cohort
  • Send a Welcome Email to the Users of a School or Cohort
  • Delete a School or Cohort

Video Clip:

This clip from the District Management Permissions video demonstrates how Users Managers and PL Managers can manage the district's users. The clip runs from 3:10-4:00, at which time it begins to demonstrate how to manage the DCF

Update: An additional feature not shown in the video has been added to delete schools or cohorts. See below for details. 


Written Explanation:

Add or Import Schools or Cohorts

There are two options to create Schools or Cohorts, available only to the Users Managers and district-level PL Managers. They can be added one-by-one with the Add button, or a list can be imported with the Import button. The Import button will take you to a page where you can download the import template and upload its completed form. Note that you will receive an error when attempting to add a School or Cohort with a name that is already in use in your district. 


Search for a School or Cohort 

All users with access to this page can search for existing Schools or Cohorts in the field shown above. Note that School and Cohort Managers will only see results of the Schools/Cohorts they manage. If they search for a School/Cohort in the district that they do not manage, the search will return no results.


Edit an Existing School or Cohort Name 

It's easy to edit the name of an existing School or Cohort. Just click the pencil edit button in the Name column, shown above, to open an Edit Name popup. Note that if you try to edit the name to a name that is already in use in your district, you will receive an error.


Assign Managers or Members to a School or Cohort


For each School or Cohort, you can manually assign and unassign Managers and Members with the pencil edit icons in the last two columns on the page. Clicking the pencil edit icon in the Managers column, for instance, will open the Assign Managers popup with the name of the selected school or cohort, shown above. In this popup, you can browse or search for users, and users who are already assigned will appear as already checked. Use the School or Cohort filters to narrow the search results - these filters will display the users who are already assigned as Members of the selected filters. 

The user assigning the School/Cohort Managers/Members can choose whether or not to send an email notification to the assigned/unassigned user(s). The user(s) will receive an in-platform notification either way. 


Import Users to a School or Cohort

In addition to manually adding Managers and Members in the popup as shown in the previous section, you can also import users to a School or Cohort. Click the import icon next to the name to be taken to the import page, where you can download and complete the template. You can import both new and existing users to a School or Cohort on this page, and you can send these users a Welcome Email by checking the box next to the Import button before importing. When importing existing users, only the users' emails and assignment as Manager or Member are required. These users' existing names and passwords will be retained. When importing new users, however, the names and passwords fields are required. 
Note, users can also self-enroll in the districts' School or Cohort on their Edit Profile page. When users enroll, the PL Managers will receive a notification.

Send a Welcome Email to Users of a School or Cohort

If you'd prefer not to send the Welcome Email to your School or Cohort users upon Import, you can always send it later with the option shown above. This email will inform the users that they have been added to the selected School or Cohort, and will remind them where to log in.


Delete a School or Cohort


You can now delete a school or cohort by clicking the trash icon to the right of its name. Members and Managers of the school/cohort will not be deleted, but will be unassigned from the group. The ability to select the school/cohort in the Comparison Stats on the Dashboard, start a Discussion with the group, filter users by the group, etc. will be removed. This action cannot be undone.

Update: The user deleting the School or Cohort can choose whether or not to send an email notification to the members and managers of the group. The user(s) will receive an in-platform notification either way.


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