PL Reflection Pages

Video Clip:

The clip below from the Professional Learning Overview demonstrates these page types from 4:37 through the end of the video. You may also be interested in more information on the Coaching View


Written Explanation with Visuals:

Reflection Pages

Image A: Reflection Page with Resources

These pages provide an opportunity to reflect on your learning as you progress through the Module. These pages may include a set of Resources, as shown above in Image A, or an embedded video, as shown below in Image B.

Image B: Reflection Page with a Video

You are able to add multiple text entries and/or a file uploads to these pages, and some users, based on their PL Permissions, may be able to access the page to provide coaching feedback, as shown in Image C below. Note that the name and profile pictures will not appear to the left of the comments until more than one user has commented on the page.

Image C: Fluency Reflection Page with Coach Feedback

To change the status of these Tiles on the PL Framework page, use the tool as shown below in Image D to update the page from Not Started to In Progress, Ready for Review, or Complete. Note that some pages will not have the option to be marked as Complete. These pages can instead be marked as Ready for Review, which will send a notification to the relevant user(s) based on their PL Permissions. These users can then mark the page as Complete after providing any necessary coaching feedback.

Image D: Reflection Page with "Ready for Review" Status

Finally, note that if a new tile is added to the module after you have received your micro-certification, this tile will be marked as "Attained" with a green dot status icon, instead of being marked as "Complete" with a green check status icon. The "Attained" status also appears on Reflection pages if you pass the Pre-Assessment for the module. This status indicates that you are note required to complete the tile, but you have the option to do so.

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