Cross-District View

While most users land directly on their district's Dashboard when they log in, some users have access to multiple districts, like districts organized by an ESA or ESC. This article provides an overview of the primary features of the landing page for these users, known as the Cross-District View:

  • The Banner
  • Professional Learning
    • PL Builder
  • Digital Convergence Status
  • Your Districts




Written Explanation:


The top of the Cross-District View is customizable and includes the following items:

  • Average District Stage in the Digital Convergence Framework
  • Cross-District Group Name and Logo
  • Customizable Banner Image in the background

The Logo and Banner Image can be edited by clicking the small pencil edit button to the right of the Name.

Professional Learning

Cross-District users can access the Modern Teacher's Professional Learning in their top navigation, and they can show or hide their Micro-Certifications just like regular district users on their Dashboards.  Cross-District users can also access the PL within each district, including the Modern Teacher PL as well as the My District PL and District PL Goals pages, when available. Their work on their Cross-District PL will not copy into the districts, but they can be assigned PL Permissions at each district to enter the Coaching View and/or receive coaching feedback.

Note that by default, Cross-District users count as basic users in each district, but if they can be edited to be removed from the PL Stats on a district-by-district basis.

Update: Cross-District users now also have access to their own PL Builder by hovering over the Professional Learning navigation option on their Cross-District View page. This PL Builder can be used to create professional learning modules for multiple districts in the group. Cross-District users can create a module and copy it to select districts in the group. A copy of the module will appear in the PL Builder of the selected district(s). There, it can be edited, assigned, and published to users in that district. Edits to the copy will not affect the original module or copies in any other district. Similarly, edits to the original will not affect the copies. Once the module has been copied to a district, this action cannot be undone. If the module is copied to the same district again, a new copy with the latest edits will appear in addition to the original copy in that district's PL Builder. See the additional support resources on the PL Builder for more information. 

Digital Convergence Status

Below the banner is a stats display to monitor the average progress of each district as they work through the Digital Convergence Framework.

Your Districts

The bottom of this page contains a list of all districts in the Cross-District Group. Each district's name appears with it's logo, current overall Stage, and stats to monitor their progress on the Digital Convergence Framework.

Cross-District Users can click on the name of any of the districts in their group to be taken to that district's unique Dashboard and Digital Convergence Framework. Just like regular users in each district, Cross-District Users can be assigned both District Management Permissions and Digital Convergence Framework Permissions to contribute to the district's work.

A Note about Navigation

When Cross-District users are on the Cross-District View, their navigation is limited. The only navigation options are to access Professional Learning, click into a district, or to access their Profile or Notification Preferences from the dropdown menu available when hovering over their name (Image 1). Once the user has clicked into a district, an additional option to navigate back to the Cross-District View will appear in that dropdown (Image 2). If the user has District Management Permissions in the district they have clicked into, then they will have access to the District Management option in their dropdown as well (Image 3)


Image 1: Above shows navigation available on the Cross-District View



Image 2: Above shows navigation available when a Cross-District User has clicked into a district 


Image 3: Above shows navigation available when a Cross-District User has clicked into a district in which he/she has District Management Permissions


A Note about the Edit Profile Page

When Cross-District users edit their profiles, they do not have the option to self-enroll in the schools or cohorts in their districts. Instead, users with District Management or PL Permissions can assign the Cross-District users as members of managers of the appropriate schools or cohorts in each district.

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