Managing District Users

This article provides details on the actions that can be performed on the district's Users page by the district's Users Manager as well as PL, School, and Cohort Managers.

  • Search for Users
  • Add New Users
  • Edit Existing Users
  • Deactive Users
  • Import Users (available to Users Managers Only)
  • Export Users
  • Assign Users Managers (available to Users Managers Only)

Note on Permissions: School and Cohort Managers can only see and edit the users who are assigned as members to the school or cohort they manage. School Managers can edit a user's school assignment(s), Cohort Managers can edit a user's cohort assignment(s), and PL and Users Managers can edit both of these items. Only Users Managers can assign a user District Management Permissions, grant or revoke user access to the DCF, and deactivate or reactivate users.

Video Clip:

This clip from the District Management Permissions video demonstrates how Users Managers can manage the district's users. The clip runs from 2:30-3:10, at which time it begins to demonstrate how to manage the Schools and Cohorts.

Update: Users Managers now also have the ability to Deactivate users. See below for details.


Written Explanation:

Search for Users

All users with access to this page can search for the name any user in the district. 


Add New Users


All users with access to this page can click the Add User button at the top of the page to open a popup. Here, you can enter a name, email, password, any relevant School or Cohort assignment, and click Save to create the new user. An additional field for SAML ID is available for districts that have set up a Single Sign On (SSO) integration with Modern Teacher. Only Users Managers can assign District Management Permissions or grant/revoke access to the DCF. Users with access to the DCF by default are set to not count in the district's PL Stats, but they can be manually edited to be included. Only Users Managers and PL Managers edit whether or not a user should count in the district's PL Stats (see below for more detail). Note, if the email is already in use, you will receive an error. Also note that you have the option to send a Welcome email when creating new users.  


Edit Existing Users

Users with access to this page can click the pencil edit button to the right of any user's name to edit their information, with fields just like the Add User popup. Just like when adding users, only Users Managers can assign District Management Permissions or grant/revoke access to the DCF. Users can also update their own name, email, password, and School/Cohort enrollment on their Edit Profile page. Note that the Users Manager cannot see the user's current password, but can create a new one. 

By default, all users without access to the Digital Convergence Framework are considered teachers and are marked to "Count in PL Stats". Users with DCF access by default are marked as not counting in these stats. Users Managers and PL Managers can edit this setting. If a user is marked as mot counting, the user will not count in the Comparison Stats towards the total number of users in the District or in any School or Cohort in which they have been assigned as a member, and they will not appear in the Individual User Results. A note in the Comparison Stats section of these users' Dashboards will inform them "Your stats are currently being excluded." They can continue to complete the PL as usual, and their personal pie chart in the Comparison Stats will update accurately, but they will not count towards the district total.


Update: Above the save button, you can select whether or not to send an email notification to the edited user to inform him/her of the edits. The user will receive an in-platform notification either way.



Deactivate Existing Users



Only the district's Users Managers can deactivate users, by clicking the trash icon to the right of the pencil edit icon, shown above. Deactivated users will no longer be able to access the platform, and they will be removed from the PL Stats and from the options to assign or select users throughout the platform, including the option to select the user in the Coaching View. However, none of their work (resources shared, discussions commented on, tasks created) will be lost. All of their resources, permissions assignments, and comments will appear to other users as they did before, but clicking the user's name will now prompt a message that the user is no longer active in the platform. 

To reactivate a user, the Users Manager can click the Deactivated Users button, shown above, to be taken to a page listing all deactivated users for the district. Clicking the button to the right of the user's name will reactivate them, granting them access to the platform again. All of the user's previous assignments, statuses, comments, etc. will appear exactly as he/she left them. 

Note, users do not receive notifications when they are deactivated or reactivated, so the Users Manager may wish to notify them of these changes.



Import Users


If the Users Manager needs to add a large number of users all at once, they can use the Import feature. By clicking the Import button at the top of the page, you will be taken to a separate Import page where you can download the Import Template. Complete the template, listing the users' names, emails, passwords, and permissions, and upload the completed template. If your template contains any duplicate email addresses or missing required information, you will receive an error. If not, your users will be successfully added to the system. Note that you can choose whether or not you'd like these users to receive a Welcome email before importing them. Also note that users (new and existing) can also be imported directly into a School or Cohort.


Export Users


All users with access to the District Management Users page can export the existing users. This export will provide a spreadsheet of the existing users' names, email addresses, permissions, and school/cohort membership/management. Note, School and Cohort managers' exports will only include other users in the school/cohort they manage.


Assign Users Managers



Users Managers can be assigned at district setup, and they can be added at any time. Existing Users Mangers have access to the Assign Managers button shown above, which opens a popup to allow them to select more Users Managers. Users Managers can also assign the Users Manager in the Add/Edit User popup available on this page.

Update: The user assigning the Users Manager can choose whether or not to send an email notification to the assigned/unassigned user(s). The user(s) will receive an in-platform notification either way.




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