Success Indicators Overview

Modern Teacher's Digital Convergence Framework is broken down into Success Indicators (SIs), which are actionable steps to guide a district through the transition from traditional classrooms to modern learning environments. SIs can be viewed at a high level on the Digital Convergence Framework, but the SI Page provides more detail.

This article gives an overview of the following components of the SI Page, and links to additional articles to provide more information:

  • Manage Bar
  • Description & Resources
  • Tasks
  • News Feed
  • Discussions
  • National Network
  • Related Success Indicators 

Note: Only users with access to the DCF can view and be assigned to work on Success Indicators.





Written Explanation:

Manage Bar

The following items can be edited in the Manage Bar by users with the correct permissions:

    • Status
    • Owner
    • Due Date
    • Work Product
    • SI Team

Description & Resources

Modern Teacher provides a Description and set of Resources to help districts get started on the SI. Users can also add and share Resources here.


Districts can break down each SI into more manageable Tasks with individual Task Owners. Permissions determine who can see, add, and work on an SI's Tasks.

News Feed

The News Feed here is automatically filtered to only show posts related to the selected SI. Just like on the Dashboard, posts in the News Feed can be liked, commented on, and filtered to show only posts from your district and/or only posts including files or attachments. Additionally, you can now manually add a news feed post. More details are available in the article on News Feed & Sharing.


The Discussion section appears to the right of the News Feed. Any user can as a question about the SI, and just like posts in the News Feed, Discussions can be liked and commented on. Note, Dashboard Discussions provide another location to collaborate with the National Network, but the Discussions section within each SI is meant to keep the conversations organized around the SI and its related Tasks.

National Network

The National Network section displays the names of other districts that are working on or have completed the selected SI. If specific users are working on the SI, their profile pictures will be visible below their district name. 

Related Success Indicators

Some SIs will have this section at the bottom of the SI with quick links to Related SIs. It can be helpful for the district to have the same users collaborate on Related SIs instead of working on each one in isolation.


Note: If the SI has no content for any of the above sections, these sections of the page will be hidden from view until content is available. The most basic view of the SI Page is shown below, with no Resources, Tasks, News Feed, Discussions, National Network, or Related SIs. In this view, only the SI Title, Manage Bar, and Description are visible, with options to add the first Resource or start the first Discussion.


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