District Management Overview

Users with District Management Permissions have access to some features not available to regular users. This article provides an overview of the different District Management pages available to these users:

  • Brand
  • News
  • Users
  • Schools & Cohorts
  • PL Navigation
  • DCF


This video explains the District Management Permissions and provides a quick demonstration of how the assigned users can access and manage the district's Brand, News, Users, Schools & Cohorts, and DCF.

Update: Additional features related to the National Network are now available on the Brand page, and an additional page to manage PL Navigation has been added for district-level PL Managers. 


Written Explanation with Visuals:


Users with permissions for District Management can access the relevant page(s) via their dropdown menu. This menu is available by clicking or hovering over their name, as shown below.


Brand Managers have access to the district's Brand page, shown below. On this page, managers can assign more Brand Managers, edit the district's Name and Tagline, and upload a custom logo and banner image. Each of these items appear to district users in the top banner section on the Dashboard. Additionally, they can now add the district Superintendent, a point of contact, and information on the district's location type, date it joined the network, and number of schools, students, teachers, etc. This information appears in the National Network area of the platform.




News Managers have access to the district's News page, shown below. On this page, managers can assign more News Managers, add or edit a News Post for the district, save drafts for future News Posts, and view previous News Posts. The current News Post appears to district users at the bottom of the banner section of the Dashboard.




Users Managers have access to the district's Users page, shown below. On this page, managers can add, edit, import, and deactivate or reactivate district users. PL Managers and School or Cohort Managers have limited permissions on this page as well.


Schools & Cohorts

Users Managers, PL Managers, and School/Cohort managers have access to the district's Schools and Cohorts pages, shown below. On these pages, managers can add, edit, delete, and assign users to the schools/cohorts based on their permissions.


PL Navigation

District-level PL Managers have access to an additional page to control PL Navigation. This page allows the district to customize which PL pages appear to their district users. 


DCF Managers

DCF Managers do not have access to the District Management pages, but they have special permissions on the Digital Convergence Framework

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