News Feed and Sharing

Like most social technologies, Modern Teacher's platform includes a News Feed with the ability to share, like, and comment. This article documents each of these features:

  • Share a Post
  • Like a Post
  • Comment on a Post
  • Filter Posts
  • Add a Post

Video Clip:

The clip below from the Dashboard Overview demonstrates the News Feed and Sharing from 2:47-3:27 before continuing to demonstrate the Dashboard Discussions section.

 Update: You now have the option of adding a news feed post. See below for details.



The image below identifies the News Feed area of the Dashboard, with a "like" and comment visible on the first post.



Written Explanation with Visuals:

Share a Post

All content in the News Feed is generated by users choosing to share when they perform certain actions, like finishing a Goal Cycle or completing a Success Indicator. These types of activities trigger a Sharing Popup (shown above) prompting the user to share. You always have the option not to share, and you usually have the option to share with all districts or only with your district. Once you share, your post will appear in the News Feed as it is previewed in the Sharing Popup.

The following actions in the platform will provide the option of sharing in the News Feed:

Like a Post


Users can "Like" any post in the News Feed by clicking the small thumbs up icon below the post. All users who have liked the post are listed just below it. If more than 3 users have liked the post, you can click the "1 other" or "2 others" etc. option to expand the full list of users. You can remove your "Like" by clicking on the icon again.

Comment on a Post



Users can read and add to the comments on any post in the News Feed. Read the first 1-3 comments just below the post, and read additional comments by clicking the small comment icon below the post, or by clicking the "View Comments" option below the 3rd comment when available. A popup will appear, displaying any previous comments and providing a space to add your comment below. After adding a comment, you'll have the option to edit or delete it, as shown with the small pencil and trash icons on the first comment in the image above.

Update: You can now also direct-reply to another user by clicking a small reply icon in the upper-right of their comment. Replying directly to another user's comment will send them a notification email. You can now also subscribe to receive notifications (both in-platform and via email) when the post is liked or commented on in this comments popup.


Filter Posts

To narrow your results, you can filter the News Posts to show content about the DCF and/or PL (if you have access to the DCF), posts from all districts or only your district, and all types of posts or only posts that include a file or attachment.


Add a Post


In addition to items shared in the News Feed due to actions completed, like receiving a Micro-Certification or completing a Goal Cycle, you can now manually add a brief (100 word maximum) post. Click the "Add Post" button at the bottom of the News Feed, and select if you'd like to share the post with all districts or keep it private to your district. If you have access to the DCF, you also have the option of making your post visible only to other users with DCF access. Lastly, you can select whether or not you'd like to receive notifications (both in-platform and via email) when the post is liked or commented on. Once the post is added, it can be liked and commented on as explained above.


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