Getting Started Guide

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In-Support-Center Version:

Welcome to the Modern Teacher Platform! We're happy to have you join our National Network of educators and leaders who are working to transition traditional classrooms to modern learning environments. Use the 5 steps below to get started.

1. Watch the Intro and Explore the Support Center

The Support Center has dozens of resources to help get you started! Start by watching the introduction to Professional Learning and/or the Digital Convergence Framework, and take some time to explore!

2. Log in and Check Out Your Dashboard

When you log in, you'll land on your Dashboard. Your district might not have many stats to display yet, but you can start to explore the News Feed and Discussions to see what other districts have been sharing.

3. Update Your Profile & Preferences

You have the option to set up your Profile so other users can get to know you. You can also update your password when you edit your profile, and set Notification Preferences. Feel free to personalize!  

4. Check for District Management

To see if you have special permissions, hover over your name and look for District Management in your dropdown. If you have this option, you have access to some additional district tools.

5. Explore the Frameworks

Finally, explore the Professional Learning Framework and, if you have access, the Digital Convergence Framework! Click into any PL Module or DCF  Success Indicator for a closer look.

PDF Version:

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